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  2. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Fixed. Thanks anyway.
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  4. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    No where to set any IP though. This .1 IP should not be being used by anything Solus related and is not configured to any network interface..
  5. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Hi, Check whether any VNC configuration option is available in the settings Configuration > Settings > Other
  6. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Here's a GIF to hopefully explain it. Why is the session being put on .1 IP? I'm not using .1 on any of my SolusVM servers, it is not in ifconfig on any of my boxes, and is assigned to a completely different server (my cPanel server).. How can I change this? It should either be on master at .19 or be using .123 which is what the VM is set too.
  7. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Hi, I am sorry, but the request you send does not really explains the issue properly. Can you send in a screenshot or some more information putting through with an example, so we can here analyze it properly..
  8. Hi Charley, I ready you request and I would like to know something before I advise. What is the Operating system on your server VPS that you raise the disk space on? Is it Linux or Windows. If you are on Linux, what is the output of below command and if that has Windows, then the method will be different, but first update me what is the OS on that VPS? # fdisk -l Do you see 500 GB or 1 TB? There are possibilities that things may have broken and the front-end updated you with the change, but the backend never executed it. Login to the KVM node and check whether the Logical volume associated with the VPS actually has what size in it...
  9. Hi. I'm new to SolusVM and currently own a full Master license with 2 Slave licenses. I am trying to create a OpenVZ server on the Master to put a VPN on, but when I create the VPS and then try to start a console session, it is giving me the first IP out of my IP range that is not assigned to any of my SolusVM servers. Even when doing `ifconfig` on each machine, the IP that Console is returning is no where to be found. IPv4 report does not show this IP either. Is there a configuration file somewhere that would for whatever reason have this IP in it from perhaps DHCP or something? Everything is staticly set now, but during initial configuration the network wasn't quite ready yet. Thanks in advance for a reply.
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  11. I just finished our reseller splash page here: reseller web host

  12. Hi, I ave 500 gig KVM container, i raised the limit in the SolusVM to 1tb and restarted the server at the server level and in the SolusVM admin panel. After both reboots, the server disk space quota still will not increase. Is there something else I need to do to have the KVM container to use the additional space I added? Thanks, Charley
  13. Hi, It appears that kernel panic event is occuring, try changing the kernel to an older one if you have not removed the old kernels from the VPS.. You can boot your VPS through an Live media and then take the backup from it..
  14. Creating container on slave node issue

    Hi, How exactly you are creating the orders? through which billing API? Go to the slave node, and check the VPS creation logs and check what to do you see there..
  15. Hello, we have issue with create bull of 10 vps on slave node. When we accept order it creates 4 vps then message "Cannot connect to destination node" so 5th one is not created. Than creates 4 more vps and than same message "Cannot connect to destination node" so 10th not created. Does anyone have this issue and how to solve it? Best regards.
  16. can't ping slave server's main IP

    Thanks, yeah I did that and checked the settings. I'll contact you on your site to see if you can help me with the console. My guess is something is not writable or readable in the network config. All the VPS servers are running fine, it's just the main Slave IP that can't ping in or out.
  17. can't ping slave server's main IP

    Bumping in case someone might know something about this type of error.
  18. A unknown problem occured to a KVM centos vps. Having tried two ways below. 1.Try restarting operations many times,can not ping or connetc the server. 2.Restore several backups at past diffrernt periods,still can not ping or connetc the server. Can somebody help me solve this problem or give me some suggestions,I will vrey appreciate it vrey much. Also you can tell how can I open the backups directly to get the important files. Thanks again.
  19. Hi, You can execute below command on the node to get the list of VPS and their current load average. # vzlist -o ctid,laverage
  20. ** Access Denied! **

    Hi, If you can go through the below 2 links and check if you have done the reconfiguration properly. https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/Change+to+Standard+Web+Ports https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/Change+Slave+Port
  21. Issues with WHMCS module

    Hi, If you browse the URL directly, you will see an error stating invalid key or ID. Now, try browsing this URL from the server where you have WHMCS installatioin and see what it is doing? You should consider reconfiguring it once again going through the doc one by one..
  22. can't ping slave server's main IP

    Hi, I think you should take a console access of the node and probably try restart the network on it. It will give you a clear picture whether the main IP is binding or not.
  23. I had a server issue on a slave I added and rebooted it. Now it will not ping the main IP on the slave server but all the virtual servers work and ping fine on it. It's just the main IP that will not ping or allow access. I also has an hard drive error that is gone now but maybe left a file read only? I can also pin the server IP from the command of the server just not outside the network in or outgoing from the server.

    Hi, SOLUSVM_TRAFFIC_IN and OUT is for the SolusVM, why are you engaging this with SSH port? What exactly you wish to do is unclear, so can you clear it out, so everybody here can take a look and advise you..
  25. Created vz vps from solus doesnt have CPUS config

    Hi, Please check the /proc/user_beancounters file in your container, see what the last column of output has in it, which shows counter..
  26. Hi, The exact reason is hard to say, but below are some of the reasons for this: 1. NIC ring buffers is getting full and is not able to cope-up with incoming bursts of traffic.. 2. CPU is receiving NIC interrupts and is budy, so not able to process it.. # ethtool -S eth0 -> Execute it inside the VM.. Check the below link for more details: Official RedHat Link
  27. VPS not installed on Slave

    Hi, The template should be present on the slave, as it is the actual place where the VM is going to be created, so the templates are mandatory on slave servers.. You have to sync the template and also you have to confirm whether the sync has properly copied the complete data or not..
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