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  2. Hi, I'm trying to setup the WHMCS module as per instructions in There is no firewall on the 2 servers, I can see traffic between the 2 servers with tcpdump, however, API log remains empty. Also the Plans and Default operating system in "Module Settings" tab are not updated. I'm attaching the debug info: Array ( [type] => openvz [id] => *** [key] => *** [action] => listplans ) Array ( [master] => 5 [usertype] => admin ) httpStatusCode: 0 effectiveUrl: Array ( [type] => openvz [id] => *** [key] => *** [action] => listnodes ) Array ( [master] => 5 [usertype] => admin ) httpStatusCode: 0 effectiveUrl: Array ( [type] => openvz [id] => *** [key] => *** [action] => listnodegroups ) Array ( [master] => 5 [usertype] => admin ) httpStatusCode: 0 effectiveUrl: Array ( [type] => openvz [id] => *** [key] => *** [action] => listtemplates ) Array ( [master] => 5 [usertype] => admin ) httpStatusCode: 0 effectiveUrl: https://mvmm22.test:5656/api/admin/command.php Could you help with this matter? Thanks.
  3. Hi, As i am struggling on this issue for last few months. I have done the below optimizations for reducing swap usage. 1, Set Disk Cache to NONE in Node settings. 2. Set Disk Cache to NONE in VM Manage page and reboot the VPS from SolusVM.
  4. Hi, We are running two KVM nodes, Two servers are high end configuration servers with 64gb ram and Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2603 v3 @ 1.60GHz. We have around 15 small production VM's in each node. Our ram usage with node is below 60% (normal usage around 40gb out of 64gb). Meanwhile we could see high swap space usage in the server. We have currently 8gb swap out of which around 7gb is already used. See the screen shot attached. It is very strange that even if we are having enough free ram swap is used. Why it is like this? Has anybody noticed the same behavior with KVM solsuvm node? Is there any recommended fix for the same. The worst thing I have noticed is weekly backup of vm's are not working. Backup backing up only two vms then backup process is not responding at all. Expecting some expert advise and solutions.
  5. Hello there I just changed my solusvm lighttpd port, & since then I'l getting the "Access Denied! - Contact the system administrator for support" error. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you.
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  7. Hi, this one uses only OpenVZ
  8. Hi, What virtualization technology you are using on the server where you have this issue?

  10. Hi, One of our SolusVM servers is overloading from CPU use. I can't seem to find where I can find which VPS is causing the overloading issues. Thank you, Charles
  11. Oh, I re-saved and it started to work.. lol?
  12. Has anyone else noticed this isn't working on the 1.20 branch?
  13. Hi, Media sync is possible, but can you update what exactly you are doing, so it can be checked if something like that is correct or not..
  14. SolusVM Version 1 – 20.01 has now been released! Release notes View the full article
  15. is will be helpfully if the team can add the rebuild virtual server to the Client API , as now only get status and reboot/shutdown/boot command are available .
  16. Hi, The one of feature that OpenVZ has is over-committing, so there is always a chance of one VPS using high resources causing load on the hardware node and certainly does affect the performance of the other on the same hardware node..
  17. Hi, I am considering OpenVZ instead of KVM for better performance but I was wondering if the resource isolation is good enough to prevent one VPS from overloading (and possibly crashing) the entire physical node. I don't mean for a flood to saturate the physical NIC. I was considering things like internal system resources overload (CPU, RAM, I/O etc). Thanks!
  18. Can I supply multiple domains at all? eg,,etc
  19. Configuration file not found EDIT This worked rpm -e --justdb --nodeps svmstack-letsencrypt yum install svmstack-letsencrypt Phew
  20. Actually try this: rm -rf /usr/local/svmstack/letsencrypt/store That will delete the old registration data. Then run: /usr/local/svmstack/letsencrypt/letsencrypt -i
  21. Same output..... Is there any debug option?
  22. Try this: yum clean all yum update svmstack-letsencrypt That should fix it.
  23. Yes, 80 & 443 open..... Still nothing..... Nginx is running, can view via non 5656 port. <stumped>
  24. Hi, Do you have port 80 open on the master? it needs it to connect to the letsencrypt servers.
  25. Sadly no... Not sure if the webroot method is used.. Hard to know, seeing the script is encrypted..
  26. Hello, have you resolved? I have the some problems, .well-know folder is not created and no certificate are issued.
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