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  2. Hey, Try this on the master php /usr/local/solusvm/scripts/clearauthlog.php --system --clear=all https://docs.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/Clear+the+Admin+Blacklist
  3. Hello I cannot log in as administrator of my solusvm. I have blocked the ip. I tried to unlock it, but it is not possible. The user and password do not recognize me. What do you recommend me to do? thanks xdr
  4. Hey, Try to reset cache on the slave: echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches swapoff -a && swapon -a
  5. Such a simple question, nothing? I'll add as ticket I guess.
  6. Hi, When I remove a KVM VPS the RAM still shows as used for the overall amount on the slave. I have slaves with only 60 gigs of RAM being allotted but the node information shows 120 gigs used. Is there a way to have SolusVM recheck for the correct amount of RAM available. Will a reboot help this? Thanks
  7. MrBios

    Windows template does not run

    Thanks Nick... will take a look at those links, pitty the support team couldn't point me to those articles when requesting for help.
  8. Very strange, our new VPS KVM CentOS 7 templates seem to have an issue with cPanel. I got through the normal steps to disable network manager and the firewall.But when I run cPanel I get this error and all networking stops: 2019-04-10 00:12:39 333 (DEBUG): Package kernel-headers-3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64 already installed and latest version2019-04-10 00:12:39 333 (DEBUG): Nothing to do2019-04-10 00:12:39 333 (DEBUG): - ssystem [END]2019-04-10 00:12:39 184 (DEBUG): - ssystem [BEGIN]: ps -U nscd -h 2>/dev/null || /sbin/service nscd start2019-04-10 00:12:39 184 (DEBUG): Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start nscd.service2019-04-10 00:12:39 184 (DEBUG): - ssystem [END]2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (DEBUG): - ssystem [BEGIN]: /usr/bin/rdate -s rdate.cpanel.net2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (DEBUG): rdate: rdate.cpanel.net: Name or service not known2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (ERROR): - ssystem [EXIT_CODE] '/usr/bin/rdate' exited with 1 (ignored)2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (DEBUG): - ssystem [END]2019-04-10 00:12:39 1731 ( INFO): The system set the clock to: Wed Apr 10 00:12:39 20192019-04-10 00:12:39 1741 ( INFO): The system changed the clock by 0 seconds.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1511 ( INFO): The installation process will now set up the necessary empty cpanel directories.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1542 ( INFO): The installation process will now ensure that GPG is set up properly before it imports keys.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1545 ( INFO): The installation process will now import GPG keys for yum.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1273 (DEBUG): Retrieving http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/cpanelsync/TIERS to the TIERS file...2019-04-10 00:12:39 1282 (FATAL): The system could not fetch the TIERS file.Removing /root/installer.lock.[root@host home]#I have tried it on two different server and three installations and networking just dies a tthe same part of the install process: 2019-04-10 00:12:39 1273 (DEBUG): Retrieving http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/cpanelsync/TIERS to the TIERS file...2019-04-10 00:12:39 1282 (FATAL): The system could not fetch the TIERS file.When i reboot the server networking starts again but when I run cPanel it stops at the same point and all networking is down.I'm stumped, the resolve file is fine. Everything looks good that I can tell.
  9. Hi mathx Yeah, this is known behavior with SolusVM v1. Hope it will be fixed in next product
  10. We are glad to announce that we have released a new public online course - SolusVM Deployment. In this course, students are guided through the process of SolusVM deployment and setting up WHMCS to start selling virtual server solutions. We hope that the course will be helpful to all SolusVM customers. Registration and access to the course in Plesk University are free.
  11. haha, I had to shrink to 90% to get it to display. Colour me confused! Has anyone tested this with firefox on modern large displays before releasing it as a product?
  12. Time to time this happens to me, and I cant remember how I fixed it (or if it fixed itself? "27B/6: these things dont fix themselves ya know!") The central portion of the webconsole is entirely blank. Ie logging in and clicking LIST NODES or VMs or anything else shows nothing. Only menus at the top and quicklinks at the side show up. I've logged out and back in, and even cleared cookies. Previously, I had zoomed in or out to make the fonts/webconsole larger and if it wasnt at 100% the central portion was white/blank. (A bug, I'd say. People need to zoom in - I have a 3840x2560 display here). However Ive verified Im at 100% zoom, and I've restarted firefox as well. Linux firefox quantum v64.0.2 says "up to date". (I'll find it a little hilarious if someone tells me "we dont support firefox or linux desktops".)
  13. NickLaoZ

    Windows template does not run

    In addition to previous post, the following info can be useful: https://support.solusvm.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020814031
  14. NickLaoZ

    No free leases error with SolusVM KVM slaves

    hi, try to add range parameter as it described in dhcp doc - https://www.isc.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/dhcp41conf.html subnet netmask { subnet-specific parameters... range; }
  15. Hello, I get a no lease error over and over on all my SolusVM KVM slave servers. dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:25:90:cd:xx:xx via viifbr0: network no free leases My dhcpd file has the network information: # Written by SolusVM - 2018-11-29 03:54:10 subnet 104.xxx.x.x netmask { authoritative; default-lease-time 21600000; max-lease-time 432000000; } ddns-update-style ad-hoc; And everything is working o.k.. I was wondering if I missing something to cause the error or I can just disable logging it to my messages file? It writes the error out every 30 seconds or so which is a ton of wasted IO activity. Thanks, __________
  16. hostigal

    SolusVM Premium For WHMCS {Preview}

    hello, where can i get this theme ???
  17. hostigal

    Module WHMCS solusvmpro Customatization

    hello, where can i get this theme ???
  18. hostigal

    NeWorld 2.0 For SolusVM Theme!

    hello, where can i get this theme ???
  19. Hi, Recommendations are the same as for other software running and kernel updates: use maintenance timeframe upgrade the kernel check the functionality like provisioning of virtuals servers and so on be ready to downgrade the kernel to the previous version ) As far as I know, there are no crucial issues after kernel update but you never know )
  20. I just want to make sure it's o.k. to run yum -y update kernel on the master and slave servers running SolusVM.
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