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  1. SolusVM Node Reinstall

    I believe there is a way to do that. Not 100% sure on the process as I have not had the need for this. You may need to create a support ticket for help.
  2. I have one problem with my solusvm

    Can you tell us what kind of server it is? Is it an OpenVZ, KVM, or XEN. After you installed SolusVM on the host server, did you restart the server and make sure that selinux has been disabled?
  3. IPv6 assignment?

    Unless something has changed, there is a script on the node that you run to enable IPv6 for OpenVZ systems. The command to enable this is /scripts/openvz-ipv6. The last time I setup IPv6, I had to assign an IP to the host node NIC before I could add the IP's to the VM's.
  4. I would open a Support Ticket.
  5. It is lighttpd. The restart the service, run the following: service lighttpd restart
  6. If you have a license with SolusVM then support is included. There is no paid support unless you have them setting up your server for you.
  7. Take at look at this post so see if it helps at all. http://forum.soluslabs.com/showthread.php/4434-Answers-to-Licenses-for-SolusVM The short sweet version of the post is this. You will need a master on its own server, can be bare metal or VPS. The XEN servers are slaves. They will need to be connected to the master. XEN can't be setup on a VPS server so you will need to go with a full server, AKA Slave.
  8. At this time it does not.
  9. Wrong Virtual Server Disk Usage

    I would agree. May need to open a ticket with support on this one.
  10. Wrong Virtual Server Disk Usage

    Is it defined as vg_i5 or /dev/vg_i5? I needs to be only vg_i5 in box. See the attached screenshot to see what I am referring too.
  11. Wrong Virtual Server Disk Usage

    Under your node settings, do you have the correct VG defined? The use of df -h will not show your VG as it pulls its partitions from fstab.
  12. (KVM) Windows 8 / 2012 0x000005D Error

    I personally have not had any issues with getting Server 2012 to work on a KVM. I would check the BIOS to make sure VT is enabled. Also make sure that PAE is enabled on the VM as well. That is required for Windows to load.
  13. Query about PowerDNS

    We do use PowerDNS. The guide on how to setup and install PowerDNS is just that. What you will need, as stated in the guide, are two VPS. They don't have to be very big ones to make this work. I would recommend that you use VPS servers with another provider and not any of on your nodes. Follow what the guide states to the letter and you will be up and running in now time.
  14. SolusVM backups

    They only that a bare metal server backup can be done is with backup system like R1Soft.
  15. KVM - Can create VMs but they don't start

    Don't feel bad. I think we have all done that at least once before.