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  1. rickb

    [Development] - Hooks

    yourweb, what we want (and what Vince asked of you in 2010) is a script which runs on the dom0 prior to the vm build. For example, if I want to deploy the log volume in a different manner (such as custom dd to deploy os image)- the current action hook fails to support this --- ** because the current action script runs on _every_ vm boot **. What we need is a "build" and "rebuild" script which runs after solusvm is done building on the slave. This is in context of HVM. Any insight appreciated!
  2. rickb

    Templates Action Hooks

    Hi, I understand this page: http://wiki.solusvm.com/index.php/Action_Hooks -We can create scripts that run per vm based on the vmid filename. I propose: 1) A general purpose script config script, say /home/xen/hooks/hook_config.sh which executes on every VM boot, and set environment variables or arguments for vmid. With this, we can code a php script which queries solusvm for that vmid and other data sources an organization may use, to manage the VM cfg/preboot process. For example we might query the billing system to see if the VM is disabled, or if we want to load volumes which are not defined in Solus (any kernel features necessities prior to HVM boot). To do this currently, we would need to create /home/xen/vm[1-100]/hooks/hook_config.sh (100 files for vms), but it seems unnecessary. 2) An action hook script which executes upon VM "rebuild" and "rebuild" actions. There may be things we want to do with the volumes prior to boot. Ideally we would have a "central" script as in #1. For example, if I want to "reinstall" the vg using a different method, this should be made available. Any advice is appreciated! Rick

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