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  1. andykimpe

    registration for (auto signup)

    Hostbill I do not know is it http://hostbillapp.com/ ? and WHMCS what is cpanel
  2. andykimpe

    registration for (auto signup)

    not for the moment I am still demo for 8 days I am looking for a registration form for the customer taken into account with paypal payment and all that goes with automatic account activation ...
  3. andykimpe

    registration for (auto signup)

    it is there a registration form for customers to solusvm?
  4. andykimpe

    SolusVM language files

    French UTF8 http://www.petit-fichier.fr/2013/02/03/french-lang/french-lang.txt French UNICODE and Convert HTML 5 Format http://www.petit-fichier.fr/2013/02/03/french-lang-1/french-lang.txt

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