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  1. Hi, What virtualization technology you are using on the server where you have this issue?
  2. Hi, Media sync is possible, but can you update what exactly you are doing, so it can be checked if something like that is correct or not..
  3. Hi, The one of feature that OpenVZ has is over-committing, so there is always a chance of one VPS using high resources causing load on the hardware node and certainly does affect the performance of the other on the same hardware node..
  4. There appears to be issue with soulsvm as confirmed by Ryan on other thread : https://forum.solusvm.com/topic/6643-kvm-templates/ Hope fully they will resolve the same asap.
  5. Can you confirm the script even connected to letsencrypt server? Did you see any successful SSL installation message?
  6. Hi, I wanted to see the Template built logs.. so they can be checked for why resize is not occurring..
  7. Hi, I think you should get this checked once again because I don't think that is a SolusVM issue but rather a template creation issue. I think it is better you contact a system administrator who will do this testings for you provide yo with the desired template that you can use for further deployments...
  8. Hi, Build logs will be displayed immediately when you create the template. When you execute the command you will see it again. I think you should get a help of someone professional system administrator who will do this for you..
  9. Hi, Can you send me the screenshot of the template setting (template edit section). I think things have to be tested properly to check for the issues. Can you also send in the VPS creation logs?
  10. I cannot point out the exact issue you are going in, but can you send in the logs or the output.. What occurs to the VPS when you create VPS from this template, does it boot into error or what? Do you have screenshot of this, so I can take a look at it to advise you further...
  11. Hi, You will have to give it a try. What operating system you have on the server where you are installing the Master server?
  12. Hi, Probably you did not made it proper. What is the VPS size you said? 5 GB? Is this right? I think you should do it again..
  13. Hi. No, You will have to configure the bridge as per the standard instructions passed on by the SolusVM for this purpose.. https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/KVM+Bridge+Setup
  14. Hi, You said that you created the Master from the scratch, so before doing this, did you have the Database backup? if not, it you will have to import all the VMS into it it. Go to setting, enable import tool option, and start creating the database entries for the VPSs. It will not overwrite your VPSs, but will only let the master know about their presence in the cluster..
  15. Hi, The template creation is a bit of techy job, but the instructions given does work properly. You can create custom template as per your requirement, but you go to be patient and be very specific. It works..