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  1. Hi, You have to ask if the VPS host can disable this console features totally for your VPS. Also, if they are not willing to do that, you can move your VPS on a KVM based server where even with console, the access is not direct and have to use root password before entering.
  2. Hi, There is very less that you can do with it, as you have less control outside the VPS. You may have to contact you VPS provider with this query..
  3. node volume groups not showing

    Where did you create the Volume Group, On master or slave? master server may not require the volume group until and unless you want to expand the storage for VZ.. Can you elaborate the complete scenario properly..
  4. IPv6 in OpenVZ stops working

    Hi, Things has to be evaluated, so assisting it may be difficult here verbally.. You will have to check the logs when you create the VPS and see if anything triggers that causes issues..
  5. customization of KVM run options.

    Hi, SolusVM uses all custom encoded scripts to performs the necessary calls to perform any operations at the virtualization level. If you want to expand your options, then you will have to do it yourself manually through your own script..
  6. Solusvm Whmcs client reload OS

    Hi, What level of previledges are set for the client? Check the SolusVM logs for more details about the error occurring. Please let us know if you can get a screenshot of the error you are seeing..
  7. Hi, Check the backup logs for more details on what exactly occurred to have the backup not work or stuck.. https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/Automated+Backups
  8. OVH KVM networking problem

    Hi, It basically lacks the route-eth in it.. The thing is difficult to predict. There are some areas to check. What OS does the VPS is build with?
  9. Hardware Recommendation

    Hi, You may refer : https://www.broadcom.com/products/storage/raid-controllers/megaraid-sas-9271-4i OR search more on the website. The solusvm setup should be working excellent on SSD. What is your cpu and RAM?
  10. Debian 9 KVM Image

    Hi, You have to make those adjustments before you create the template on the VM you are using to create the template..
  11. Node password issues

    Hi, The error suggests that it is not picking up the correct password. Make sure you restart the Lighttpd service on the slave. Also make sure you are using the solusvm.conf file entries from the slave and not the master..
  12. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Glad to hear that it is fixed now.. Can you share your thoughts on how you fixed it so the readers here would also be benefited with this..
  13. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Hi, Check whether any VNC configuration option is available in the settings Configuration > Settings > Other
  14. Console Session Giving Wrong IP

    Hi, I am sorry, but the request you send does not really explains the issue properly. Can you send in a screenshot or some more information putting through with an example, so we can here analyze it properly..
  15. Hi Charley, I ready you request and I would like to know something before I advise. What is the Operating system on your server VPS that you raise the disk space on? Is it Linux or Windows. If you are on Linux, what is the output of below command and if that has Windows, then the method will be different, but first update me what is the OS on that VPS? # fdisk -l Do you see 500 GB or 1 TB? There are possibilities that things may have broken and the front-end updated you with the change, but the backend never executed it. Login to the KVM node and check whether the Logical volume associated with the VPS actually has what size in it...