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  1. 24x7server

    Rescue Mode not starting for KVM

    Hi, How are you booting the VPS into the rescue mode? Can you share more details on this that would be helpful to identify what exactly you are doing, so guys here can advise you more clearly..
  2. 24x7server

    Windows Server 2016 + KVM Template = Not Working

    Hi, What issue you are getting while creating the KVM template? can you paste the output of the template creation here.
  3. 24x7server

    resize not working on own templates

    Hi, Did you perform any custom partitioning inside the VM? You can create a VM with no swap partition and then try creating template from it..
  4. 24x7server

    Create Template

    Hi, You can create a VPS with a template, configure it as you want, shutdown the VPS, and then from the SolusVM panel, you can use the create template feature provided by SolusVm. Check the below screenshot url: Screnshot
  5. Hi, I can see that you have utilized all the available space and no more space is left for virtualization use. You did not mention what type of virutalization technology you are using on this server, but the partitioning is not proper and LVM for /home should be umounted and removed because for KVM and Xen, you should have Volume group with free space. so if you created all the LVM from it, then there is no space for the VPS to be deployed.. # umount /dev/mapper/volume-home # lvremove /dev/volume/home Once you do this, you will free space in volume group using below command: # vgdisplay The above is for KVM and Xen. If you are using OpenVZ, use below: # umount /dev/volume/home # mount /dev/volume/home /vz
  6. 24x7server

    Problems with Xen xl on Centos 7

    This log information here suggests the bridge issue. You will have to get the bridge reconfigured again. It should be ONBOOT.
  7. Please try using a IP range that is used by other VM that is working with it.. You can follow up with your DC to check for IP routing.
  8. Hi, That partition looks to okay. Remember, you don't have to create LVM in the partition, so you can just create 3 main partition and keep the rest as it is. The 3 partitions are; /boot -> 1 GB / -> 50-80 GB swap -> same as RAM. Keep the rest unpartitioned, so later on you can create Volume group that can be used for LVM creation by solusvm..
  9. Hi, You have to ask if the VPS host can disable this console features totally for your VPS. Also, if they are not willing to do that, you can move your VPS on a KVM based server where even with console, the access is not direct and have to use root password before entering.
  10. Hi, There is very less that you can do with it, as you have less control outside the VPS. You may have to contact you VPS provider with this query..
  11. 24x7server

    node volume groups not showing

    Where did you create the Volume Group, On master or slave? master server may not require the volume group until and unless you want to expand the storage for VZ.. Can you elaborate the complete scenario properly..
  12. 24x7server

    IPv6 in OpenVZ stops working

    Hi, Things has to be evaluated, so assisting it may be difficult here verbally.. You will have to check the logs when you create the VPS and see if anything triggers that causes issues..
  13. 24x7server

    customization of KVM run options.

    Hi, SolusVM uses all custom encoded scripts to performs the necessary calls to perform any operations at the virtualization level. If you want to expand your options, then you will have to do it yourself manually through your own script..
  14. 24x7server

    Solusvm Whmcs client reload OS

    Hi, What level of previledges are set for the client? Check the SolusVM logs for more details about the error occurring. Please let us know if you can get a screenshot of the error you are seeing..
  15. Hi, Check the backup logs for more details on what exactly occurred to have the backup not work or stuck.. https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/Automated+Backups

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