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  1. SolusVM

    Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Actually try this: rm -rf /usr/local/svmstack/letsencrypt/store That will delete the old registration data. Then run: /usr/local/svmstack/letsencrypt/letsencrypt -i
  2. SolusVM

    Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Try this: yum clean all yum update svmstack-letsencrypt That should fix it.
  3. SolusVM

    Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Hi, Do you have port 80 open on the master? it needs it to connect to the letsencrypt servers.
  4. SolusVM

    Resize KVM partition

    Yes solusvm will resize the partition when the vps builds to the size of the vps you specify. The templates in the TDN are general templates that have a mix of filesystems. This means solusvm will only extend the logical volume (HDD) not the partitions of filesystems inside them. We also have a set of BSD and windows templates in the works that auto resize on build. So your saying that virtualizor expands the disk, partitions and filesystem inside an active vps? If thats the case then i make sure you take plenty of backups because you will corrupt data at some point.. it's only a matter of time. You have to understand that keeping data safe always ends in limitations of what you can do. We would never dream of mounting a live virtualized logical volume period.
  5. SolusVM

    Win a macbook air!August 2011 Giveaway!

    I've also reqested a photograph of him with his new Air once he receives it.
  6. SolusVM

    Win a macbook air!August 2011 Giveaway!

    The lucky winner of the MacBook Air is James Havery from Arizona USA! Contact has been made with the client and mailing address confirmed.
  7. Are you guys still using Developer.soluslabs.com to track bugs and feature requests?

  8. SolusVM

    Show-off your SolusVM Skin here!

    Just to make you aware we are changing the templating system.... Smarty is proving to be a massive overhead on some busy systems so we have been testing the reseller area on our own custom system that doesn't need to compile The results are great! The next step is the client area!
  9. SolusVM

    Reseller Panel Branding

    That is correct. We are still adding features to the reseller area, including language support.
  10. SolusVM


    You copy the default template folder from /usr/local/solusvm/templates/client and give it a custom name. You then edit the files in that. I would hold off though, We have a new template out soon that is easy to customize.
  11. Table sorting will be put in asap. The bandwidth is collected evey 5 minutes, collecting it in a lower interval is not advised..
  12. SolusVM

    Android APP

    SolusVM manager is now aSolusVM. SolusVM manager was removed. You should see some new updates soon
  13. SolusVM


    We moved it to v 1.2.18, it missed the last release.
  14. Is this feature not already there ?
  15. SolusVM

    Android APP

    Lol! i can see why he thought that though!

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