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  1. From SolusVM >> Reinstall I want to chose my own OS Avatar Image. How it possible to do? (Any option?)
  2. Hello, I want to show CDROM Mound/Unmount option on "OS Reinstall" page? I can easily add Reboot button and boot order option but its a really hard to add CDROM option Thanks, Kunnu
  3. Hello, I am trying to show ISO List(mount/unmout) on reinstall.php but solusvm does not show ISO List or mount option(Only show unmount option) I am using this code in TPL File. <?php if($this->vt == "kvm" || $this->vt == "xenhvm") { ?> <div class="tabbertab"> <h2><?=$_lang['vservertabcdrom'];?></h2> <table class="greyauto" border="0" cellspacing="1"> <?php if($this->cdrom == "none") { ?> <tr> <td width="17%" class="left"><?=$_lang['vservercdromselect'];?></td> <td width="83%"><?php if($this->isolist) { ?><form action="" method="post"><select name="vmos" class="ffield" id="vmos"> <?php foreach($this->isolist as $iso) { ?> <option value="<?=$iso[filename];?>"><?=$iso[friendlyname];?></option> <?php } ?> </select> <input name="mount" type="submit" class="submitbutton" value="<?=$_lang['vservercdrommountbutton'];?>" /></form> <?php } ?> </td> </tr> <?php } else { ?> <tr> <td width="17%" class="left"><?=$_lang['vservercdrommounted'];?></td> <td width="83%"><form action="" method="post"><?=$this->vtemplate;?> <input name="unmount" type="submit" class="submitbutton" value="<?=$_lang['vservercdromunmountbutton'];?>" /></form></td> </tr>
  4. kunnusingh

    WHMCS Module: VNC in Client Area?

    Sharing is caring, but this VNC is good for only one user because of each client use diffrent VNC Port. Download java vnc viewer and edit example.html and change IP Address, port etc to your own server and add this page URL in WHMCS client area(create a whmcs custom php page and add this code, don't add your password,etc..) http://www.tightvnc.com/download/tightvnc-1.5.1-jviewer-bin.zip Anyone know how to add php code in java applete? for example: If its possible then we can use VNC in client area with their own port, password.
  5. kunnusingh

    Show-off your SolusVM Skin here!

    I don't want to show my skin because of maybe everyone laugh on me
  6. kunnusingh

    Show-off your SolusVM Skin here!

    sorry, but I think "sharing is caring"
  7. kunnusingh

    Advanced WHMCS module

    awesome... I don't want to share my Node API so advance thanks If you add this feature. 1. Client use his VPS Api to reboot, shutdown server. 2. VNC Integration in WHMCS?(I already know about how to add this feature but JAVA Applate not support php code? like $port.client or 'row['port']' )
  8. kunnusingh

    Show-off your SolusVM Skin here!

    Sharing is caring.... also upload your Skin
  9. kunnusingh

    XEN HVM Template

    Hello, Currently I am using a Xen-HVM, I will not recommened you to use a Template in a XenHVM and best option is use ISO.
  10. kunnusingh

    Japanese translation

    wow! プロフィ = Profile ール = Installation (I am from India) Can I upload this to other sites and my own site?(distribution)
  11. kunnusingh

    WHMCS Module: VNC in Client Area?

    Still no reply but I found a method to use VNC in WHMCS Area
  12. Hello, I want to use SolusVM Client API, VNC IP, Port to show VNC in their client area? Its possible and any help?

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