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  1. Hi, This has now been done however the search will need to reindex everything but it has been done for you guys.
  2. Hi, I will get this changed for you shortly.
  3. Hi, This is something that we would also like in SolusVM, we have designed the graphing system with this in mind so that we can add this in a future release.
  4. Then you will need to raise a ticket about this as something isnt right, I have just personally tested this and 20 out of 20 backups completed successfully.
  5. jas

    ACL Option

    Hi, YourWeb was not being "AssHoleish" at all, he was simply trying to get your issue noticed by merging it into another thread that was already being noted. Please refrain from bad mouthing our Moderators as this wont get you anywhere.
  6. jas

    Traffic Control

    Hi, Clients get an email on 90% Usage of their bandwidth and also an email to inform them they have used 100% of there Bandwidth along with (If set from the Admin Side) a notification to inform them that the VPS has been suspended.
  7. jas

    ACL Option

    Hi, This will be added however I cant give you an ETA on it yet.
  8. jas

    Loads graphs for Xen VMs

    Im afraid there is no easy way to get the loads out of a Xen VPS

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