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  1. Ey, I'm new to this forum and i've created a class in PHP for SolusVM 1.4.01 and wanted to know if there are people interested in future developing this class. A list of functions: vserverCreate, vserverExists, clientExists, clientDelete, vserverStatus, clientCreate, resellerCreate, resellerModifyResources, resellerInfo, resellerList, resellerDelete, clientUpdatePassword, vserverAddIP, vserverReboot, vserverShutdown, vserverBoot, vserverSuspend, vserverUnsuspend, vserversList, vserverInfo, vserverState, debug Not yet been done: vserverTunEnable, vserverConsolepass, vserverVncpass, vserverVnc, vserverConsole, vserverTunDisable, vserverMountiso, vserverUnmountiso, vserverBootorder, vserverTerminate, vserverRebuild, vserverChange, vserverRootpassword, vserverHostname, listnodes, listnodegroups, clientList, listplans, listtemplates, listiso, nodeIplist, validate (make sure we do not do a api call with wrong data) I will soon start with testing this class because everything implemented is not yet been tested. But it would be nice if there are developers searching for the same thing and maybe we could make it opensource? At the moment the class has 932 lines of code and is written in php 5.2. Hope to hear something about it soon. Greetz

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