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  1. I wish there is a feature for one time non recurring (temporary) extra bandwidth, you see there are clients who are purchasing extra (just for the month) bandwidth when then they reached their limit on some months. It is a bit hard to track and remove these temporary additions at every bandwidth after cycle reset (1st day of month)... hopefully there is a facility to temporarily increase consumable (non renewable) bandwidth for 1 moth cycle without affecting original bandwidth allocation.
  2. Sorry i cannot access the developer portal to log this, tried registering but no confirmation email arrived after waiting for a while or maybe it will arrive alter but please feel free to move this What i have in mind is ability to select which node a particular template is available/visible, this is important particularly in Xen, when you have some mix of stock Xen version and newer ones like 3.4.2 or even version 4.0.x It will be helpful if we can restrict some people on stock xen version from using pygrub enabled templates that requires newer version case in point ubuntu 10.xx also there are some locations we do not allow a particular template so should not be made available as option when reinstalling for customers on that node. (example i have node with SSD drive and i don't want to fill it with unnecessary templates) So in essence when we add OS template there should be list of nodes we can check it will apply just like when adding IP block! Roel
  3. Roel

    Template Cleanup/Update

    also if we can tag a template as admin use only should not be made available or visible to client as some could be a for testing and or VPS restoration.
  4. have you received something last time of what has been changed?
  5. Roel

    Show-off your SolusVM Skin here!

    nice design, i like it.
  6. I prefer to see it like static text: Memory : 256MB / 364 MB Swap and this info will come from the VPS Plan values not from actual VPS memory allocation at least the client see something sensible.
  7. Roel

    Advanced WHMCS module

    how about adding/editing central backup slots? also integrated login/password between SolusVM and WHCMS.
  8. Good if one wish to offer Windows VPS under Hyper-V, yes Xen HVM supports it but currently licensing cost is prohibitive especially for the budget providers.... Supporting Windows DC edition allows provisioning of Windows VPS without the hassle of individual VPS licenses. Hoping SolusVM would support this soon so we have a one stop shop management system i'm sure people will be willing to add extra license fee even if this feature become optional.
  9. I would be interested with that mate, just make it a fair price and we will make a deal! I can also code some but prefer to spend my time taking care of customers than duplicating others are already doing
  10. Roel

    Mobile panel?

    Yet another reason why SolusVM is the best VPS control panel in the market period! can't wait for this Phil
  11. Most of the ticket request we are receiving are for people wanting tun/tap enabled, automating this will help ease the tickets queue and give better customer service than waiting for it to be enabled. I'm looking at option to turn this on as default or off when creating "OpenVZ plan" similar to suspend bandwidth option drop box on OpenVZ plan maintenance form. regards, Roel
  12. hopefully there is also an option to disable a slave node for template syncing.

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