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  1. Hello I cannot log in as administrator of my solusvm. I have blocked the ip. I tried to unlock it, but it is not possible. The user and password do not recognize me. What do you recommend me to do? thanks xdr
  2. Hello how are you. I thank those who can help me with this problem. I bought a new server and added it as a slave in my solusvm master. Migrate 3 vps with the solus migration function without problems. The problem is when I want to create a new vps on the new node. On the old node I can create vps without problem, but on the new node I CAN NOT. I create the vps and it never starts, I reinstall it, I stop it, it reboots and it still does not work. Through ssh I could see the following ... Vzctl start 110 Starting container ... Error: required UB parameter physpages not set Error: required UB parameter numsiginfo not set Error: required UB parameter dcachesize not set Error: required UB parameter numiptent not set I do not know how I can solve this problem. Thank you for the help you can give me. XD
  3. Hello I had to reinstall my solusvm master from scratch and now I can not get the list of virtual machines that are in my solusvm slave ... can you give me information about this? I can not manage my vps, restart, suspend or edit them. I add my solusvm slave, detect memory usage, disk usage, but cannot see the virtual machines. thanks for you help xdr

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