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  2. Can you explain how this breaks your server? You should install SolusVM on a clean installed CentOS server without anything else on it. On a default installation it should not break your server. However, it is possible to configure the bridge incorrect which leaves the server unreachable after restarting the network services.
  3. I advice to open a ticket since it is an urgent issue. That said, you can always checkout the logs for errors. Ps I recommend to change to nginx:
  4. Hi Zulqarnain, You can access the MySQL database and create your own API to access it via the webserver. The database login credentials can be found using this article: paragraph 4).
  5. When you run the updated via cli you will get a bunch of errors, which is normal. As far as I can see the errors you have posted are normal.
  6. Hi Xdr, The slave is a bit dumb. It only acts when it receives a command from the master. Only the master knows all the details about the VM and what actually runs on the server. Unfortunately, since you have reinstalled the master, this data is gone. Luckily for you SolusVM features an import mode which can import the VM to your panel. See more information? Did you change the masters IP? Update /usr/local/solusvm/data/allow.dat with the new IP on every slave.
  7. Did you reboot the server after installing? Sometimes not everything is launched properly.
  8. Hi mrbrowning, Are you running Xen, KVM or OpenVZ? It is likely that you are not running the correct kernel, causing the VPS not to boot. Daniel
  9. Hi Ninet, When you go to clients, you can manage clients from there. It is not possible to retrieve the password as it is encrypted, however you can configure a new password and send that one to the user.
  10. Hi Ninet, SolusVM is not aware of the new VM since it is not created via SolusVM. Check this how you can import a container into SolusVM:
  11. FYI: With or without OpenVZ, SolusVM always shows OpenVZ as virtualization technology for the master. Even when the master is installed inside a KVM VPS. I would leave it as it is, since it does not have any impact except showing an incorrect technology name when you did not install OpenVZ.
  12. Please keep everything in one topic, thank you.
  13. Done:)
  14. WHMCS will receive an error from the SolusVM installation and leaves the order to pending. So yes, it waits for manual action, which can be adding extra resources to SolusVM.
  15. Maybe this helps: