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    ModulesGarden SolusVM For WHMCS Module

    I have a dev license, but its nonsense that i should send them access to a dev install - for what? They dont need, as its not an error in my system. They confirmed this by sending me a beta version which fixed some bugs. Next problems in their module: - When selecting a node in the product configuration, it still creates kvm vps on first node.
  2. hello.world

    ModulesGarden SolusVM For WHMCS Module

    An update of this issue: The provided fix did not work - it seems they didnt tested they software once again and just released it so they have more time for fixing it. And once again they wanted WHMCS and FTP access - but we declined that because i am not a platform for their alpha testing (and of course because this is not a bug which is at us, its their software) But let me start at the beginning: I updated the module, and think what? The product configuration for this module was resetted. So i had to spend 2 hours to reconfigurate every single product. They have a new feature: Give human names for the template & a ACL for the OS templates. But i need to be configurated at every single product. There is no group option or something like that. Look at "Templates Friendly Name" and "OS Templates Available for Rebuild": http://www.docs.modulesgarden.com/File:SV17_1.png If you have more than 5 OS for every product, this is getting really annoying. When you have to update the name of a product, you would have to do that in every single product. Good idea - poorly implemented. Ok, after configurate every product, i made a test order. At the previous module version the solusvm usernames got auto generated. In the new version, there is a field for the username at ordering. At product configuration there is a option that every username has a number after the choosen username. The problem: They dont do additional checks for the username and the username counter option does not work. If somebody places an order with an username which already exist, the first user will have a new server. There is an option to auto generate the username again. But this option doesnt work - after submitting the order, there comes a error message which say that the username field is empty. Username field cant get activated at configuration, it gets auto disabled. I told modulesgarden support, that the module doesnt work. They sent me a beta version which fixes this issues and username creation works now. I dont find it good when i must use some beta software but i dont have a other choice. Other problems which are not fixed: - Traffic graphs doesnt work anymore (with old module it does work) - First OS template is double listed at the product configuration - KVM creation fails if "default template" isnt setted to debian at product configuration (if i create a kvm server over solusvm with e.g. centos everything works. Over whmcs not, only if the default template is debian) For now i can auto setup the orders. Overall this whole module is very, very alpha and i dont have any trust in it. I am using the cpanel manager from modulesgarden which also have bugs and i have tested there DNS manager which is also not really recommendable. If a RDNS zone get created over their dns manager, it doesnt get displayed at the solusvm panel and reverse. This is only confusing for the customers and make things more difficult. However, for now i have seen enough and will not submit the bugs which are in this (and the other modules) over ticket. Currently, i have no nerves for the incompetent support.
  3. hello.world

    ModulesGarden SolusVM For WHMCS Module

    Sure. At beginn i thought they are good, we made good experience with there support before (presale). And i wouldnt be so angry if they wouldnt told us for 2 weeks that it is definitly our failure. After sending access (they did NOT used the login) they told us that its there failure. Hardly to belive that they heard the first time of the bug, or does nobody use this module?! We invested into new servers for a special offer as we belived them, that it is our failure and we will get it fixed within shortest time after they checked it. So the new servers are running for ... nothing. Because we dont sell things which are just not working correctly (in this case: autosetup). This makes me just more angry. However, the fix should come this week on wednesday. We will see if they keep there promise. If they fail again, i will definitely publish it on lowendbox and other threads where they make adversiting. This post doesnt hurt them really, because most users will not find it. But as we see modulegarden tried again to lie us, first they told us: They justed wanted to claim us down and to shut up and wait. And now, after making this public they say: So i was right with following. Seems i am a clairvoyant:
  4. hello.world

    ModulesGarden SolusVM For WHMCS Module

    Hello, today i want to share my experience with Modulesgarden and their SolusVM Extended module & Support. Normally, i dont create such threads. But in this case i am forced to it because they must think i am stupid. We are facing issues with the KVM creation. The user gives in the root password at the ordering site, but the root password doesnt get setted, there gets random password generated. The choosen root password is then the solusvm panel password, which shouldnt be. In the clientarea the password field for the solusvm panel gets wrong deposited, there is shown the root password for the server instead of the solusvm panel. So basicly the both passwords are mixed. But thats not all: The customer doesnt get any server info mail after ordering. The mail is sent out if i am logged in as admin, but if a customer place an order, there does nothing get sended out. And the login infos in the mail are wrong (its NOT a variable problem). Ok, so i contacted the modulesgarden support on 07/04/2014. They told me that there is no such problem and it must be an error at us. They asked us for whmcs and FTP login but i dont want to provide access to the system. The system is in production and i dont know what they would do. If the customers would notice that there is some testing in progress it wouldnt be good for us. So i explained the error again. I told them that no mails are sent out, but all other modules are working. So it must be an issue with this module. After some back and forth we sent them the login details so they can check it. The answer from them on 23.04.14 was: Yes, it is an error in there modul. And they will "probably" release a fix next week. Cool, probably it will be fixed next week. But "probably" means nothing. Could also be that they fix it in 4 works. They write as it wouldnt have any priority. Seems they just dont care about it. Outrageously that we will have this problem for a longer time and they are not be able to make a quick fix. A quick fix would be appropriate in my eyes. Why i am exasperated? Because it is impossible that we are the first users which are facing this problem. I am sure that they knew from beginning that it is there fault. If we are the first users which would have this problem it would mean that nobody uses this modul for kvm. They just wanted to save some time and basically they have held us for fools. We wasted lot of time to try getting this module to work, but of course it cant work if it isnt our fault. And they didnt logged in into the FTP or whmcs installation, they just told us "yes, its a problem of the module" after we sent them all access datas and had a communication over nearly 2 weeks. So they knew all the time that there module isnt working and only want to waste our time. Sorry for my bad english - i hope you can understand my problem. Regards.

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