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  1. With most modern operating systems, the OS will use most of the memory as a cache. As a result of this the SolusVM admin area clearly presents the following graphs: Memory Memory (-cache) Swap The second and third greatly help to get an idea of how much memory is actually currently being used and whether more is necessary. Unfortunately, since the API does not provide this info, clients are unable to use this data to indicate whether they need to upgrade their memory. The ability to see Memory (-cache) and Swap usage when calling vserver-infoall via API should be added. -Jordan
  2. Hey there, I discovered after setting up IPv6 addresses for an OpenVZ container that I had the same issue as the person at the following forum post: http://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/18580/openvz-ipv6-venet-destination-unreachable-administratively-prohibited It seems CentOS sets up default ip6tables rules that block traffic with 'administrator prohibited'. Editing /etc/sysconfig/ip6tables and commenting out the lines with icmp6-adm-prohibited resolves that issue. I would imagine it would be a good plan for SolusVM to do this for us. -Jordan
  3. This feature should be updated to support a variety of compression options like pigz and standard zip. When backup processes run on a container, they're often configured roughly around the same time. It would be great to be able to specify that anything undergoing heavy IO (essentially any compression- based processes) are to be limited to a certain amount of CPU and IO.