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  1. jameshsi

    Default Language needed!

    I just upgrade to 1.8.02, and there is a default timezone, but no default language setting. I hope solusvm can add a default language setting for admin, when my client first login to the client cp they don't need to see English and then select their language, cause most of my clients are not English native. Also, they not only need to select in the first page for prefer language, after login, they have to go to "My account" to select language again, what a stupid design ?! I hope solusvm can change the logic to : if admin has set the default language to "Chinese" (for example), clients won't need to select language when they login, and they don't have to select language again in "My Account" if their prefer language is "Chinese".
  2. jameshsi

    XEN/OpenVZ templates

    I've paid http://stacklet.com/ and use 3 to 5 xen templates, found "centos+webmin" template is no working well.
  3. Hi! I hope I can setup automated ftp backup to not only 1 destination but multiple, that way I can have for example, one backup in local area and do it daily, and another backup remotely and schedule it as weekly or monthly. If for some reason, don't think it is impossible, all the machines in your IDC are broken, you have a remote backup to save ur ass.
  4. jameshsi

    Email template

    Hi! I try the new feature, email template, I modify some email template to Chinese, and it seems fine to me cause the solusvm web page is encode with UTF8, but when it comes to my email box, it went wrong, cause it use ISO-8859-1 : Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Is there anyway I can fix this tiny small bug ?
  5. jameshsi

    Xen templates

    Anyone can point me a URL howto create a xen template based on existing vps ? Is that so hard in xen ?

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