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  1. 1. I believe I need to use Xen or KVM as OpenVZ does not support Windows platform? - Yes, Open VZ Does Not Support Windows. 2. Do I need to purchase any license for installing Windows? - You will need to licence each VPS in accordance with Microsoft's Licensing guidelines for the version of windows you host. 3. I suppose I only need Enterprise Master License? - If you get an enterprise master licence you will be able to host VMs on it. Due note Only Open VZ containers are alloud on Master Servers. 4. I read that Master must be installed on a VPS or Dedicated server. Does this "VPS" mean my host server or the virtual machine? - This means you can Host your Master Server On a VPS or a dedicated server . If you are going to host your master node on a vps i recommend getting a Slave Only Master License. You will not be able to host VMs on it but if your hosting your master on a vps I would not recommend running VMs on it anyhow. 5. What I need to do is Install a Slave to create a Virtual Machine first, then install the Master to that Virtual Machine in order to use the Control Panel? - No, The Control Panel is hosted on the master server. When a client connects to the control panel they are connecting to the master server. The Master server then sends out any requests made by the clients to the Slave Node. When you install a Slave you need to save the ID KEY and Password KEY given to you at the end of the installation. Then go into your Admin CP and add a node. 6. To confirm, all the Virtual Machines that is going to be created for customers is under the Slave? - No, You can create VMs on the Master server if you wish. To do so you must have an Enterprise Master License . Remember You can only Host Open VZ Containers On The Master Node.
  2. WallyB

    SolusVM + SAN Storage

    I am looking at having SolusVM on my 4 Dedicated Servers , Each server only has two 1 TB Hard drives. Is it possible to attach a SAN storage array to the network and run Open VZ VM's on it with SolusVM? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Wally

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