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  1. Freddy

    Advanced WHMCS module

    You completely mis understand his question, he wants to change the RAM or HDD only trough WHMCS. Not change the entire template.
  2. As soon as some size is involved within the VPS, then the backup instantly fails. Seems like it doesn't even try.. Multiple people have reported this incident on the forums.
  3. Just to inform, 1 out of 20 backups succeed with Central Backup. Your not doing any better
  4. Freddy

    Advanced WHMCS module

    Didn't i just request it? Or is there some special place to do this
  5. Freddy

    Advanced WHMCS module

    Would love to see some feature where the client can upgrade / downgrade his amount of Backup Slots trough Central Backup by using the configurable options. Would also love to see a feature where the visitor can choose between the different virtualization types and WHMCS creates the VPS in the appropriate "server pool".
  6. Freddy

    Xen templates

    http://kragi.com/dw/OpenVZ/SolusVM/centos-5.0-cpanel.tar.gz OpenVZ CentOS cPanel template
  7. Freddy

    Xen templates

    Currently i don't have anyone made with a free controlpanel no, but i could make one if interested? Any spesific controlpanel in min? Webmin w/Virtualmin or LxAdmin?
  8. Freddy

    Xen templates

    Hello, What kind of controlpanel do you have in mind? cPanel running FFMPEG?
  9. Freddy

    Xen templates

    I will soon offer a bunch of OpenVZ templates for free made for SolusVM, including cPanel, Webmin, Directadmin, Virtualmin, FFMPEG, etc etc... If someone has a XEN vps available, then i will gladly make VPS templates for XEN. I find it extremely wrong that people should charge for something simple as a VPS template.
  10. Freddy

    Show-off your SolusVM Skin here!

    It's looking very good Congrats on the nice work.

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