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  1. Oh, I re-saved and it started to work.. lol?
  2. Has anyone else noticed this isn't working on the 1.20 branch?
  3. Can I supply multiple domains at all? eg,,etc
  4. Configuration file not found EDIT This worked rpm -e --justdb --nodeps svmstack-letsencrypt yum install svmstack-letsencrypt Phew
  5. Same output..... Is there any debug option?
  6. Yes, 80 & 443 open..... Still nothing..... Nginx is running, can view via non 5656 port. <stumped>
  7. Sadly no... Not sure if the webroot method is used.. Hard to know, seeing the script is encrypted..
  8. Curl works. Using Google NS's No success messages at all.
  9. Followed this Nginx is setup, tried issuing the letsencrypt -i -------------- Starting certificate generation process for domains Requesting challenge(s) for xxxxxxxxx Getting pkey Reading pkey Getting nonce Getting nonce HEAD Connecting to https:// Payload 1 Payload 2 Signing Sending signed request to /acme/new-authz Connecting to /acme/new-authz Connecting to https:// ------------- What should happen next, where are the certs stored? Nginx confs are not updated.
  10. Is SolusVM a dying product? Seems to be a regular thing with buy outs, nine times out of ten the new owners reek in the profits from clients, yet stop giving back. What happened to version 2 :
  11. Latest ver...... It states disk usage is 22% for everything. /vz/ is 18% according to df Edit: Ok, so I deleted some crap, and /vz/ displays the correct 18% now <confused>
  12. Ok, I have an issue with ipv6, say you have 10 added to the interface.... curl always takes the address at the top of ifconfig as priority, so if I curl to another server with ipv6, unlike ipv4 which uses the eth0/venet0:0/etc address, it uses the ipv6 that is listed first... If that made sense.... This is why I disable ipv6 in my MTAs, the wrong ipv6 will/could be used..... Someone suggested adding the v6's with 'preferred_lft=0' so they won't be used for outgoing connections, not sure how I'd do this from Solus, via hooks? I was thinking of moving the ipv6 for outgoing connections at the end of the CT_ID.conf file, that said, not sure if solus adds ip's in the order in the file for OpenVZ CTs
  13. Why can't they even fix this?!? 6 months later.....
  14. Can someone tell me the difference, if any. Also, in the Resources>Network Speed drop-down, it is capped at 100MBit, whereas the Settings>Network Speed has the node's maximum configured speed. If the Resources>Network Speed drop-down takes the maximum setting in Plans, I don't see the reason.
  15. I would like to see the ability to end clients an email when we disable a CT via API. I had an alert from NodeWatch about activity on a CT, which was suspended. I know NW emails us of the action but it would be useful to notify the client too via Solus to inform them to contact us.