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  1. IPv6 in OpenVZ stops working

    Before I go bald, I would like some advice on why IPv6 in containers suddenly stopped working when restarting and creating new CTs. - I can ping a CT assigned IPv6 (from the outside and on HN), but I cant ping/connect out (but can ping HN); - restarting or creating a CT results in the above scenario; - HN ip6tables is essentially blank, and ip6tables in CT is set to allow; - current running CTs are fine. Anyone help?
  2. System Backup

    Oh, I re-saved and it started to work.. lol?
  3. System Backup

    Has anyone else noticed this isn't working on the 1.20 branch?
  4. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Can I supply multiple domains at all? eg xxx.domain.com,yyy.domain.com,etc
  5. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Configuration file not found EDIT This worked rpm -e --justdb --nodeps svmstack-letsencrypt yum install svmstack-letsencrypt Phew
  6. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Same output..... Is there any debug option?
  7. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Yes, 80 & 443 open..... Still nothing..... Nginx is running, can view via non 5656 port. <stumped>
  8. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Sadly no... Not sure if the webroot method is used.. Hard to know, seeing the script is encrypted..
  9. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Curl works. Using Google NS's No success messages at all.
  10. Nginx & Letsencrypt

    Followed this https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/NGINX+for+SolusVM+1.x Nginx is setup, tried issuing the letsencrypt -i -------------- Starting certificate generation process for domains Requesting challenge(s) for xxxxxxxxx Getting pkey Reading pkey Getting nonce Getting nonce HEAD Connecting to https:// acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/directory Payload 1 Payload 2 Signing Sending signed request to /acme/new-authz Connecting to /acme/new-authz Connecting to https:// acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/new-authz ------------- What should happen next, where are the certs stored? Nginx confs are not updated.
  11. Dying product?

    Is SolusVM a dying product? Seems to be a regular thing with buy outs, nine times out of ten the new owners reek in the profits from clients, yet stop giving back. What happened to version 2 : http://solusvm.com/v2/
  12. Disk usage is 22%

    Latest ver...... It states disk usage is 22% for everything. /vz/ is 18% according to df Edit: Ok, so I deleted some crap, and /vz/ displays the correct 18% now <confused>
  13. IPv6 Interface order

    Ok, I have an issue with ipv6, say you have 10 added to the interface.... curl always takes the address at the top of ifconfig as priority, so if I curl to another server with ipv6, unlike ipv4 which uses the eth0/venet0:0/etc address, it uses the ipv6 that is listed first... If that made sense.... This is why I disable ipv6 in my MTAs, the wrong ipv6 will/could be used..... Someone suggested adding the v6's with 'preferred_lft=0' so they won't be used for outgoing connections, not sure how I'd do this from Solus, via hooks? I was thinking of moving the ipv6 for outgoing connections at the end of the CT_ID.conf file, that said, not sure if solus adds ip's in the order in the file for OpenVZ CTs
  14. Bugs,bugs,bugs

    Why can't they even fix this?!? 6 months later.....
  15. Can someone tell me the difference, if any. Also, in the Resources>Network Speed drop-down, it is capped at 100MBit, whereas the Settings>Network Speed has the node's maximum configured speed. If the Resources>Network Speed drop-down takes the maximum setting in Plans, I don't see the reason.