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  1. Hello, we have issue with create bull of 10 vps on slave node. When we accept order it creates 4 vps then message "Cannot connect to destination node" so 5th one is not created. Than creates 4 more vps and than same message "Cannot connect to destination node" so 10th not created. Does anyone have this issue and how to solve it? Best regards.
  2. Hi, I need to migrate my VPS server with OpenVZ virtualizaton from old server to new one. Some of VPS will stay on old VPS, but most of it will mi moved to new server. I read on forums and googled and find vzmigrate but no one says anything about settings of VPS. What I need to do is migrate VPS from old server to new one and take all settings with it (ip's, user, password and other parameters and setting with it). Does vzmigrate command moves settings with container or is there other way to do this because settings needs to be same on both servers. Kind regards.