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    Automated Central backups

    Yes, we ended up making a VPS backup script on a per-vps basis, from our node to our backup server, which is FreeNAS. We now just add a little file to each of the vps directories which tells which day of the week we'd like and what hour. Means we don't have them all backing up at the same time with un-precidented load etc. Manual migration back at this point.
  2. fair enough. i still think management options are better placed at the end, and order of them should be: [ del? ] [ start/stop ] [ manage ]
  3. Hi there I find the "Delete VPS" function at the end of each row - shown on the List VPS page ( Virtual Servers » List ), to be a number of things: Scary, not that helpful, and that a more high priority function should take its place. It is the natural place your eye is guided to, to go and control something. My preference is that the end icon is "Manage VPS" and not "Delete" And also that the "Delete VPS" is removed from this page. Can you please replace with this "toggle VPS on / VPS off" , and bury the "Delete" function under the manage page. ( If you dont want this shown on the Users interface, please put a user-level based switch in ) The benefit of having these functions on the List VPS page, is that you can then quickly toggle VPS on or off, or manage it, which, from a User Interface level would seem to rank way higher up the food-chain than delete. If you are looking at the stats page, and see the VPS is stalled, you can then just "List VPS" and start-stop each VPS from one page without going into each VPS management page. Your thoughts? Sam
  4. samoir-nz


    Sounds like a highly beneficial security feature. A thought for Client VPS admin level: You could select: Client has dynamic IP for admin, Static Ip for admin, or Client can access from these predefined IP addresses.

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