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  1. Will this partition work?

    Hello, I switched to CentOS 7 and the partition system is horrible. I tried to get it the same as I have used with CentOS 6 but it looks funny. I attached the partition, can you check if it's o.k. to use for SolusVM. It will be a KVM server. Thanks
  2. I just finished our reseller splash page here: reseller web host

  3. Hi, I ave 500 gig KVM container, i raised the limit in the SolusVM to 1tb and restarted the server at the server level and in the SolusVM admin panel. After both reboots, the server disk space quota still will not increase. Is there something else I need to do to have the KVM container to use the additional space I added? Thanks, Charley
  4. can't ping slave server's main IP

    Thanks, yeah I did that and checked the settings. I'll contact you on your site to see if you can help me with the console. My guess is something is not writable or readable in the network config. All the VPS servers are running fine, it's just the main Slave IP that can't ping in or out.
  5. can't ping slave server's main IP

    Bumping in case someone might know something about this type of error.
  6. I had a server issue on a slave I added and rebooted it. Now it will not ping the main IP on the slave server but all the virtual servers work and ping fine on it. It's just the main IP that will not ping or allow access. I also has an hard drive error that is gone now but maybe left a file read only? I can also pin the server IP from the command of the server just not outside the network in or outgoing from the server.
  7. Hi, this one uses only OpenVZ
  8. Hi, One of our SolusVM servers is overloading from CPU use. I can't seem to find where I can find which VPS is causing the overloading issues. Thank you, Charles