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    No free leases error with SolusVM KVM slaves

    Can I just disable DHCPD? Or does it need to be active for Solusvm? The server uses static IPs. I can't think of anything the DHCPD would be used for.
  2. Hello, I get a no lease error over and over on all my SolusVM KVM slave servers. dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:25:90:cd:xx:xx via viifbr0: network no free leases My dhcpd file has the network information: # Written by SolusVM - 2018-11-29 03:54:10 subnet 104.xxx.x.x netmask { authoritative; default-lease-time 21600000; max-lease-time 432000000; } ddns-update-style ad-hoc; And everything is working o.k.. I was wondering if I missing something to cause the error or I can just disable logging it to my messages file? It writes the error out every 30 seconds or so which is a ton of wasted IO activity. Thanks, __________
  3. I have SolusVM linked to our WHMCS accounts. Everything works great but the graph images are blocked because they load through SSL that has no qualified certificate. A link example is: Is there a way to get these images to load from a qualified SSL cert so they are not broken in WHMCS?
  4. Web Host Pro

    Graph images are blocked from poor SSL in WHMCS

    I found it, you need to add this to the hash tag area: <connect-via-hostname>yes</connect-via-hostname> You can remove this now: <ssl_verifypeer>no</ssl_verifypeer> <ssl_verifyhost>no</ssl_verifyhost>
  5. Web Host Pro

    Graph images are blocked from poor SSL in WHMCS

    Hi, this no longer works. Is there another work around to get the images to load correctly? My images are using the server IP for some reason when it should be using the server hostname so SSL can be used.
  6. I was wondering if anyone happens to know if there is a limit to the number variables used. It says 2048 gets twice as much as 1024. Can this go higher and lower. For example can we use 512 or 4048? Or an odd number like 750. It seems to follow RAM designations. The docs for the KVM CPU tune share option is: shares The optional shares element specifies the proportional weighted share for the domain. If this is omitted, it defaults to the OS provided defaults. NB, There is no unit for the value, it's a relative measure based on the setting of other VM, e.g. A VM configured with value 2048 will get twice as much CPU time as a VM configured with value 1024. Since 0.9.0 Thanks,
  7. Web Host Pro

    No free leases error with SolusVM KVM slaves

    Thanks, unfortunately I'm still having an issue with this. Probably from not understanding. I should add our IP range to the /etc/dhcpd.conf file? # Written by SolusVM - 2020-12-14 04:27:44 subnet netmask { authoritative; default-lease-time 21600000; max-lease-time 432000000; } ddns-update-style ad-hoc; So where it says subnet and netmask I should add ours? Then restart networking? Sorry, I just want to make sure I don't break anything. Also I don't use DHCPD that I know of. The server uses dedicated IPs. Maybe this can be disabled?
  8. For years now it has been working fine. Now on all my KVM slaves when I disable network manager which cPanel requires, they all go offline when I reboot or restart networking. # systemctl stop NetworkManager.service # systemctl disable NetworkManager.service Normally this worked before. Now I also tried to: # systemctl enable network.service # systemctl start network.service But it still goes offline. I updated my OS templates a couple weeks back and guess it has to do with the new CentOS 7 template somehow. I can't install cPanel though as of now on any new KVM installation.
  9. It seems CentOS 7 had a default firewall setting that would block my IP when disabling network manager. Once the VPS is active, I whitelisted my IP in IP tables and it would not get blocked anymore. iptables -A INPUT -s -j ACCEPT
  10. Hi, I've always used the VNC provided by the SolusVM admin section. (Java/NoVNC) Is there a recommended client for Windows to connect to a SolusVM node for VNC?
  11. Hi, I was wondering if the network speed setting in settings for the VPS with KVM worked? We have set some test KVM servers with 1mbit and was able to go up above it. Also when changing the network speed setting, do you need to reboot anything or do any other settings to start it?
  12. With hacking becoming more and more prevalent. Having 2FA Two-factor authentication is becoming standard now. I just wanted to make the suggestion to add it to the SolusVM admin section. And for users later on. Time Based Tokens are the most common where you can get codes from an app like Google Authenticator or Duo.
  13. It's stuck at grub rescue. CentOS and Ubuntu all work normally on the same slave server. Latest version of SolusVM master, and I re-downloaded all the Debian templates on the master and slave today. I also tried to install it on 3 different slaves and all would not install. Is Debian just not supported anymore? When I do a reinstall Debian it just says: network error and won't even open the java VNC Then I do reboot debug and get the login, the password will not work. If I try to change the root password in Solusvm it just crashes the OS back to
  14. Web Host Pro

    All VPS servers show offline but are working

    I was able to fix it by running these commands: Move out you the current system PHP binary:mv /usr/bin/php /usr/bin/backup-php-Create a link to SolusVM PHP binary:ln -s /usr/local/svmstack/php/bin/php /usr/bin/php
  15. A couple days ago one of our SolusVM admin sections shows all the VPS servers offline yet all the servers are running correctly.
  16. Hi, When I remove a KVM VPS the RAM still shows as used for the overall amount on the slave. I have slaves with only 60 gigs of RAM being allotted but the node information shows 120 gigs used. Is there a way to have SolusVM recheck for the correct amount of RAM available. Will a reboot help this? Thanks
  17. Such a simple question, nothing? I'll add as ticket I guess.
  18. Very strange, our new VPS KVM CentOS 7 templates seem to have an issue with cPanel. I got through the normal steps to disable network manager and the firewall.But when I run cPanel I get this error and all networking stops: 2019-04-10 00:12:39 333 (DEBUG): Package kernel-headers-3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64 already installed and latest version2019-04-10 00:12:39 333 (DEBUG): Nothing to do2019-04-10 00:12:39 333 (DEBUG): - ssystem [END]2019-04-10 00:12:39 184 (DEBUG): - ssystem [BEGIN]: ps -U nscd -h 2>/dev/null || /sbin/service nscd start2019-04-10 00:12:39 184 (DEBUG): Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start nscd.service2019-04-10 00:12:39 184 (DEBUG): - ssystem [END]2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (DEBUG): - ssystem [BEGIN]: /usr/bin/rdate -s rdate.cpanel.net2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (DEBUG): rdate: rdate.cpanel.net: Name or service not known2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (ERROR): - ssystem [EXIT_CODE] '/usr/bin/rdate' exited with 1 (ignored)2019-04-10 00:12:39 1729 (DEBUG): - ssystem [END]2019-04-10 00:12:39 1731 ( INFO): The system set the clock to: Wed Apr 10 00:12:39 20192019-04-10 00:12:39 1741 ( INFO): The system changed the clock by 0 seconds.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1511 ( INFO): The installation process will now set up the necessary empty cpanel directories.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1542 ( INFO): The installation process will now ensure that GPG is set up properly before it imports keys.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1545 ( INFO): The installation process will now import GPG keys for yum.2019-04-10 00:12:39 1273 (DEBUG): Retrieving http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/cpanelsync/TIERS to the TIERS file...2019-04-10 00:12:39 1282 (FATAL): The system could not fetch the TIERS file.Removing /root/installer.lock.[root@host home]#I have tried it on two different server and three installations and networking just dies a tthe same part of the install process: 2019-04-10 00:12:39 1273 (DEBUG): Retrieving http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/cpanelsync/TIERS to the TIERS file...2019-04-10 00:12:39 1282 (FATAL): The system could not fetch the TIERS file.When i reboot the server networking starts again but when I run cPanel it stops at the same point and all networking is down.I'm stumped, the resolve file is fine. Everything looks good that I can tell.
  19. I just want to make sure it's o.k. to run yum -y update kernel on the master and slave servers running SolusVM.
  20. Hi, I have a node that I don't want any new VPS accounts on. Is there an option to disable solusvm from adding new accounts to a certain node but not disable any of the accounts already on it.
  21. Web Host Pro

    Convert master into slave

    Will this erase everything on the master being changed to a slave?
  22. Every time I set up a new slave server I need support to do something to make it work. I was hoping I could get this going correctly from the start. Even though the support is great of course. I'm just stuck on the CentOS installer when it asks to add the Volume Group Name and LVM. The SolusVM instructions "https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/KVM+on+RHEL+(CentOS)+7+Hypervisor+Installer" doesn't specify what to put in several boxes that are required. I attached an image with my guesses of what to add. Please let me know if it will work. Like /lvm2 for the partition and groupvol01 for the Volume Group Name. The image shows all the settings. Thanks! Charley
  23. Web Host Pro

    Will this partition work?

    Hello, I switched to CentOS 7 and the partition system is horrible. I tried to get it the same as I have used with CentOS 6 but it looks funny. I attached the partition, can you check if it's o.k. to use for SolusVM. It will be a KVM server. Thanks
  24. Hi, I ave 500 gig KVM container, i raised the limit in the SolusVM to 1tb and restarted the server at the server level and in the SolusVM admin panel. After both reboots, the server disk space quota still will not increase. Is there something else I need to do to have the KVM container to use the additional space I added? Thanks, Charley

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