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  1. I've created debian generation 2 templates several times. But enlarging or reducing the DIsk vda1 does not work. The drive itself is changed to the desired size, but the primary drives are not. The debian installation has a size of 10GB, including 8GB for vda1 and 2GB for swap vda2. What do I have to keep in mind so that the resizing works correctly? The TDN templates centos 6 and 7 work fine with the resizing but debian and ubuntu not.
  2. Like described in the title... The Rescue Mode will not start for the KVM. It only reboots the virtual machine but not into rescue mode. is there any config made for the slave host?
  3. i got some trouble with the templates from tdn.solusvom.com eg the debian 9 and the ubuntu template I download the templates and add them to solusvm. Next, I install debian 9 or ubuntu from this template and the KVM does start but after the automatic update the kvm boots again and stops with message "crng init done" What is the error and how can I fix it? Is the Slave Host misconfigured? should i change something in the config? EDIT: The CentOS 6/7 templates work without problems

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