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  1. MrBios

    Windows template does not run

    Thanks Nick... will take a look at those links, pitty the support team couldn't point me to those articles when requesting for help.
  2. MrBios

    Windows template does not run

    If you using Centos 7 OS on the node, windows templates have issue like you have experienced We found 99% of the time it wont work, 1% time you get lucky Win templates work fine on Centos 6 Doing a normal ISO based win install on Centos 7 Node worked fine but no luck with Win template SolusVM support wasnt able to tell me this, had to use a 3rd party support provider who told me this If anyone has win template working on Centos 7, i am happy to hear your thoughts.
  3. MrBios

    Hardware Recommendation

    Hi Guys Thanks for the feedback. initially will be E3 and E5 16xx series cpu due to the requirement of higher clock speed, we will also add dual E5 later
  4. Hi We are looking at setting up solusVM Was looking for hardware recommendation. Intel E3 CPU 4 x Samsung Pro 512GB SSD Hardware Raid 10 Can someone recommend a Hardware Raid card ? Does Samsung Pro SSD work well for solusVM setup ? If you can recommend or point out things to look out for etc would be great Thanks in advance

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