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    radweb reacted to NickLaoZ in noVNC does not work and HTML 5 console fails to connect: Server disconnected (code:1006)   
    I had an issue recently on newly deployed SolusVM installation and strugling with this for a several hours. The solution was so easy so I decided to post it here, maybe it will save to for other SolusVM users who will face it.I tried to configure noVNC feature on SolusVM v1.20.05 with HTML 5 console. I walked through the documentation https://docs.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/noVNC+Configuration and enabled the feature in configuration settings, installed all the necessary dependencies and SSL certificate. After all these steps I tried to connect to the running KVM VPS and connection windows displayed the error 'Server disconnected (code:1006)'. Long story short, I found that I did not create /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini with the following content:
    [NOVNC] use_remote_hostname = true socket_dest_public = false There is no such file as a default, only config.ini.sample template file, maybe that was the reason why I missed it. Once I created it and added the lines above, noVNC magic started to work
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    radweb reacted to NickLaoZ in Graph images are blocked from poor SSL in WHMCS   
    Try to add the following lines into "Access Hash" in the server settings for WHMCS:
      <ssl_verifypeer>no</ssl_verifypeer> <ssl_verifyhost>no</ssl_verifyhost> https://docs.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/SSL+Configuration
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    radweb reacted to MrBios in Hardware Recommendation   
    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the feedback.
    initially will be E3 and E5 16xx series cpu due to the requirement of higher clock speed, we will also add dual E5 later
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    radweb reacted to 24x7server in Does this look like the correct partitioning for a new KVM slave?   
    That partition looks to okay.  Remember, you don't have to create LVM in the partition, so you can just create 3 main partition and keep the rest as it is.  The 3 partitions are;
    /boot -> 1 GB
    / -> 50-80 GB
    swap -> same as RAM.
    Keep the rest unpartitioned, so later on you can create Volume group that can be used for LVM creation by solusvm..

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