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  1. We are glad to announce that we have released a new public online course - SolusVM Deployment. In this course, students are guided through the process of SolusVM deployment and setting up WHMCS to start selling virtual server solutions. We hope that the course will be helpful to all SolusVM customers. Registration and access to the course in Plesk University are free.
  2. Hi,As a way of better tracking your requests and priorities we are trying https://solus.uservoice.com service, where you could write your suggestion or vote for a suggestion of others. We hope this system would increase transparency and would help us to ensure we are aligned with top customer priorities.As the system gives you only 10 votes, we recommend voting for what you really like. We keep watching the forum for your suggestions, but getting high rank at https://solus.uservoice.com greatly increases the chance the request will be considered a priority.

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