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  1. sipero

    WHMCS Module: VNC in Client Area?

    Hi, Can you share this method with us please? Jonathan Hamon
  2. sipero

    Confused [/usual feeling]

    Hi, I would advise using the latest version which is solusvmpro If you check the file structure you'll see the files and folders this contains. It is going to do no harm as it is only going to overwrite files /folders of the same name. If you are still worried by this just navigate down the folders and copy over the folder and file(s) at the bottom into the identical folder structure on your WHMCS install. Jonathan Hamon
  3. sipero

    XEN HVM Template

    Yes for Windows Server 2003 but no with Windows Server 2008 due to bug
  4. sipero

    SolusVM language files

    Hi, Has anyone on this forum translated any language files like French, German, Spanish, etc that they would like to share As I have an international client base these would be really useful. Jonathan Hamon

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