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  1. Find a new provider or get your own IP space.
  2. Burst is gone, so the odds of being able to run that VPS is highly unlikely. Not really sure why you waited so long. Burst sent the email out over a month ago that they were closing, and it was pretty obvious even before that.
  3. Resolved by Support. Weird issue with the IPs being bound to the server in a funky way.
  4. Hi guys, Just added a server in another datacenter. Have never had a problem with any of our other servers, but this one is giving me trouble. Added a /26 IP block, but it's just not working for any VPS. What's really odd is that all the IP addresses in the block are pingable (even though they aren't assigned to any VPS), and when I ifconfig -a, there is a eth1, eth1, eth1:4, eth1:50, etc for every single IP in the block. There are 60 some-odd eth1's. When I go to an IP that I have assigned for a VPS in putty, it opens the root for the server. For example, the main server ip is xx.xx.xx.2, if I assign a VPS xx.xx.xx.50, and open xx.xx.xx.50 in Putty, it simply opens the xx.xx.xx.2 account. Have never had an issue before. Help please!
  5. VPS Reseller and WHMCS

    I can confirm, there is no automated means to do it as a reseller.
  6. I know you can configure that under the plans in the Solus panel, but there is nowhere in the WHMCS module for setting IPv6 addresses for the plans...only IPv4. I have IPv6 addresses configured in the SolusVM plans, but they aren't being provisioned through the WHMCS module when an order is placed.
  7. Am I completely missing it, or is there no way to assign IPv6 addresses via the WHMCS module? I know you can do it for resellers, but not for regular VPS?
  8. They are always available here: http://docs.solusvm.com/release_versions_stable
  9. Assign IP Block to Reseller

    Not really sure why you wanted me to contact them, but they confirmed that it can't be done. Too bad.
  10. Assign IP Block to Reseller

    That's too bad. Ah well.
  11. Couldn't really find anything in the documentation. Is there any way to assign a specific IP block to a reseller, instead of the VMs they create taking IPs from the general pool? Thanks!
  12. IPv6 Bulk Assignment

    Opened a ticket. The option of bulk adding IPs won't be available until Version 2. Have to use the 100 random IP generator until then. Ah well.
  13. IPv6 Bulk Assignment

    I wasn't meaning to say you guys were slow, and actually no, I had no idea the forum was community powered. I figured it would be SolusVM employees running the forum and answering support questions here. Didn't even realize you were a moderator. I'm not really sure why posts containing images are moderated anyway, but that's another story for another day. In any event, no sense in opening a ticket without knowing if the feature actually exists. Does SolusVM actually have the feature and it just isn't showing up on my installation, or does the feature not exist? If the latter, opening a ticket will be useless. Thanks again!
  14. IPv6 Bulk Assignment

    I guess the moderators aren't here very often. I posted an image earlier, but the post said it needed to be moderated. No, that attachment is just for adding IPs to the VPS. I want to bulk add them to the node itself, and the only thing I'm showing is the individual add, and then the 100 random IP generator. For IPv4, you can add an entire range, using the starting and ending IP. I'm not seeing that for IPv6, unless I"m just missing it.
  15. IPv6 Bulk Assignment

    No. That screen is for assigning IPs to the VPS. I'm talking about adding the IPv6s to the node itself. This is all I'm seeing: