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Found 2 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone happens to know if there is a limit to the number variables used. It says 2048 gets twice as much as 1024. Can this go higher and lower. For example can we use 512 or 4048? Or an odd number like 750. It seems to follow RAM designations. The docs for the KVM CPU tune share option is: shares The optional shares element specifies the proportional weighted share for the domain. If this is omitted, it defaults to the OS provided defaults. NB, There is no unit for the value, it's a relative measure based on the setting of other VM, e.g. A VM configured with value 2048 will get twice as much CPU time as a VM configured with value 1024. Since 0.9.0 Thanks,
  2. Hi, One of our SolusVM servers is overloading from CPU use. I can't seem to find where I can find which VPS is causing the overloading issues. Thank you, Charles

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