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XEN/OpenVZ templates

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hello all.

i just want to share with people here.

i have been create template centos 32 bit with cpanel also zamfoo trial , CSE and CSF also softaculous.

the template can download on my site: http://fasthostonline.com/download/centos-5.0-cpanel--32bit.tar.gz

after u download it, please doing step :

1. edit hostname on this template

entering ur ssh vps and run

nano /etc/wwwacct.conf

and then find " server.hostname.co" and change it with ur hostname on the vps and save it


2. doing IP migration wizard

entering ur WHM root on the VPS, and then find menu IP Migration Wizard on ip fuction

and then entering ur ip for the vps and continue and folowing the step there



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Hi there friends , our company offer SolusVM Xen and OpenVZ templates , all SolusVM templates has been tested before adding as final release ,we have over 120 templates all available for xen and openvz .

-Are you a SolusVM Customer? use promotional code "over100" and get 15% off from your order.

-Do you have an ideea for a Template? email us your ideea we build the template and is free for you to use it.

visit our site http://www.touchvps.com

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hello we are working and testing with it at this moment :)


I would recommend staying far away from touchvps.com, as their business practices and communication need a lot of work.


I purchased a OpenVZ template through them and the download file was corrupted. The gzip file was about 500 and some MB but only downloaded about 40kb and unable to extract it obviously. After looking around on the web I noticed other people were having the same problem.


After inquiring about the corrupted package I never heard back from then after about 36 hours.


I then asked for a refund but still no answer. Finally I opened a dispute with paypal against them. Still haven't heard back nor got a refund. Only thing I got was they cancelled my account after opening the paypal dispute..


I would not do business with them.

Edited by astewart

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