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No Nodes Found on Add Virtual Server (Master solusvm and KVM)

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I've installed KVM on a CentOS 6 box and I've installed solusvm master (option 2 from installer). Everything seams to be fine, but when I am going to add a new virtual server on the admincp I am not able to select the localhost node even if this is added by default on the solusvm installation. I have only this message there:


No Nodes Found. Either you don't have any nodes added or the licenses are at their maximum.


I already changed the configuration of this node for my needs by selecting KVM instead of the default OpenVZ and so on. Even of that, it seams that, the localhost node is not visible on Add Virtual Server > Node select menu.


Is there something I miss? Can somebody help me with this?


Thank you!

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The master cannot host Xen or KVM VPS's, which is why you cannot set these up by selecting localhost. What you need to do for KVM is choose option 6 (Slave with KVM), once it's installed you can manually create a VPS where you can install the SolusVM Master.


Note that to do this you need to use the Master Only license which is $2.50 and add 1 x Slave.

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Hi JSHosts,


Thank you for your response. Everything is clear now for me. I will install option 6 on the server, then I will manually add a VPS where I will install option 1. After that I will add main server as slave.


I hope I can do this with the trial license in order to test it.



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