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Getting started guide?

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Hi Guys,


Well from a tech side of things, I have had no issues installing my Master and setting up and adding my slave/node (nice mince of words, maybe stick with either slave OR node, I had to search around the dashboard for a bit before I realized NODE = SLAVE).


Where does one find the guide explaining how to actually setup the system via the Dashboard.


I'm just having a play and want to do just a basic KVM setup.


Where does one begin?

Do I have to upload media? is the media already there (it seemed to take a lonnnnng time to download something during the master and the slave install)

Do I create a template then? or am I doing media groups?

Where is the guide that explains setting up the system via the dashboard?

Do I do IP blocks first, I'm just lost at a guide on getting SolusVM up and running.




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