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My name is Eduardo, im looking and testing some control panels for my vms.

So now, im working on configure solusvm.

But I found some error and fix all with google search ... thats ok.

But now im found new error and dont found solution to fix it.

My structure: im have one dedicated server with 32GB ram 4TB raid 1

Im put one master in my another server in one vm with minimal configuration ... like 256mb ram, 8gb disk ...

Im my slave im runing centos 6.6 with solusvm openvz virtualization.

Configured all ok.

Configured dns master and slave in two vms inside my openvz slave.

Added plan of dns and configure clients to use dns plan.

When client try to manage dns from vps control panel only appears error on page (see picture please)

So, im search for fix it and dont know how fix ... search in master and slave for logs ... but dont found too ..


Another question is: If I buy licenses, I have support from email or telephone? Priority support? How works it?


So, I appreciate for help before to buy licenses.


Thank you and sorry if I post this question in wrong forum, but, this question is about problem found in trial test ... before buy licenses


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