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Increased container space but won't update on the server

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I ave 500 gig KVM container, i raised the limit in the SolusVM to 1tb and restarted the server at the server level and in the SolusVM admin panel. After both reboots, the server disk space quota still will not increase.

Is there something else I need to do to have the KVM container to use the additional space I added?



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Hi Charley,

I ready you request and I would like to know something before I advise.  What is the Operating system on your server VPS that you raise the disk space on?  Is it Linux or Windows.  If you are on Linux, what is the output of below command and if that has Windows, then the method will be different, but first update me what is the OS on that VPS?

# fdisk -l

Do you see 500 GB or 1 TB?

There are possibilities that things may have broken and the front-end updated you with the change, but the backend never executed it.  Login to the KVM node and check whether the Logical volume associated with the VPS actually has what size in it...


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