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Windows template does not run

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I created a Windows 2012 Server R2 template using all instructions as stated here: https://docs.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/Create+KVM+Templates

The Reserved Space disk was deleted and master VPS boots without problems.

Created generation 2 template and skipped step "/scripts/kvmtemplate --mode=prepare --vmid=kvm101 --generation=2" as stated in the documents.

I uploaded the template to all slave servers and master.

Tried every different setting i can think off to add the template but whatever i do i get this error when i try to create a VPS from this template: https://prnt.sc/l3i1hn

I have also tried creating a template without the reserved partition deleted and set the partition to resize to 2 but that template always takes me to the Windows Repair screen on startup.

I have tried to change every setting i can think of...

Any sugestions?


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If you using Centos 7 OS on the node, windows templates have issue like you have experienced

We found 99% of the time it wont work, 1% time you get lucky

Win templates work fine on Centos 6

Doing a normal ISO based win install on Centos 7 Node worked fine but no luck with Win template

SolusVM support wasnt able to tell me this, had to use a 3rd party support provider who told me this


If anyone has win template working on Centos 7, i am happy to hear your thoughts.

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