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web console broken in modern firefoxes

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Time to time this happens to me, and I cant remember how I fixed it (or if it fixed itself? "27B/6: these things dont fix themselves ya know!")

The central portion of the webconsole is entirely blank. Ie logging in and clicking LIST NODES or VMs or anything else shows nothing. Only menus at the top and quicklinks at the side show up. I've logged out and back in, and even cleared cookies.

Previously, I had zoomed in or out to make the fonts/webconsole larger and if it wasnt at 100% the central portion was white/blank. (A bug, I'd say. People need to zoom in - I have a 3840x2560 display here). However Ive verified Im at 100% zoom, and I've restarted firefox as well.

Linux firefox quantum v64.0.2 says "up to date".

(I'll find it a little hilarious if someone tells me "we dont support firefox or linux desktops".)

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haha, I had to shrink to 90% to get it to display. Colour me confused!

Has anyone tested this with firefox on modern large displays before releasing it as a product?

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