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When I disable NetworkManager for cPanel to work, the server goes offline.

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For years now it has been working fine. Now on all my KVM slaves when I disable network manager which cPanel requires, they all go offline when I reboot or restart networking.

# systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
# systemctl disable NetworkManager.service

Normally this worked before. Now I also tried to:

# systemctl enable network.service
# systemctl start network.service

But it still goes offline.

I updated my OS templates a couple weeks back and guess it has to do with the new CentOS 7 template somehow.

I can't install cPanel though as of now on any new KVM installation.

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It seems CentOS 7 had a default firewall setting that would block my IP when disabling network manager. 

Once the VPS is active, I whitelisted my IP in IP tables and it would not get blocked anymore.

iptables -A INPUT -s -j ACCEPT

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