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Hello guys,


It seems that soluvm licenses plan is confusing for many people. In order to understand what should I need to buy, I am asking again.


So, this is my scenario:


I have a dedicated server running Proxmox or Vmware (it doesnt matter) and I run on it some VPS for webmail, webhost, databases etc.


And i have other 3 dedicated server...with no OS on them.


On the first dedicated server I would like to create a VM and install SolusVM to run ONLY the control panel (no vps on it). Only webpanel to control other dedicated server.


On the other dedicated servers I would like to install SolusVm to run: one server with VPS, other server with KVM.


The SolusVM licenses are: Master License ($10) and Slave only Master License ($2.5).


What license plan do I need for the VPS (webpanel control with no virtualization) and what license plan do I need for the dedicated servers (one with OpenVZ and one with KVM) ?


Thank you

Master License Master License

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I made a drawing  :)



So, in this scenario, we have:


1. Box1 with SolusVM Web panel control VPS

2. Box2 with SolusVM for unlimited OpenVZ vps

3. Box3 with SolusVM for unlimited KVM vps


What licenses do I need for:

1. SolisVM web panel control VPS?

2. Box 2 ?

3. Box 3?



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Just curious, but i want a similiar setup, except without the vmware box.  I have two servers i want to run Solus VM on.

As per the above picture, can i run the Master in a VPS in box 3 above? - is this a supported environment?


that would mean i need a:

$2.5 Master (because it would be running in the VPS)

$10.00 for the host KVM

$ 10.00 for the open vz


or is it beeter to be running on a master license and have the controll panel running in open vz?

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